Comparison of costs for clients of Spectrum Group of AZ at Revelation Real Estate fee structure as
compared to what some other property managements companies in the Phoenix area charge their clients:
The Spectrum Group at Revelation does NOT
charge a monthly management fee when
your property is vacant.
Some companies charge $50-$200 per month
while your home is vacant
$300 Repairs Reserve Fund required
Our property management agreement with
you stipulates we have discretionary
decision making for repairs up to the
amount agreed upon at set up. For anything
higher then that amount we want your
input and approval-This keeps you in the
loop and aware of amounts that may be
required out of pocket more frequently
then other companies.
Some companies require $400-$2000 repair
funds and want discretionary decision making
ability for the full amount. What this means for
you is-they could approve a costly repair one
month and then require you to replenish the
reserve fund without any input in how that
money was spent.
The Spectrum Group at Revelation does not
charge an additional fee to list your
property in the Arizona Mutiple Listing
Service (MLS)
Some property management companies in AZ
are not licensed Real Estate Agents and do not
already have access to the MLS, therefore must
pay a licensed agent to list it on their behalf, and
they pass that charge on to you.
We offer all of our clients our best
marketing and utilize every resource
available to us to get your property rented.
There are no special "premium packages"
for people to purchase "better service"
from us- when you hire us, you get our best
at our flat rate.  We do believe that the
traditional advertising in the local
newspaper is an archaic and costly
marketing scheme that's only TRUE purpose
is to garner more business for the
company, NOT to sell or rent the home. So
we do not place paid for ads in the Arizona
Republic. If that is an avenue you wish to
pursue we are more then happy to do it for
you for whatever the costs associated to
place the ad are and no more.
Some property management companies offer
"basic" and premium"
advertising packages to
their clients.  As we see it, the effort put forth in
finding your property a quality tenant should
not be based on whether or not you can pay us
more then the next guy. How these companies
market your property without advertising
baffles us, and we wonder what their marketing
looks like for clients that opt to not purchase
Flat rate means, you know exactly what
you are getting for what you pay.  We are
required to give all of our clients due
diligence, not just those that are willing
to throw more cash at us at random
intervals when we determine we want to
be paid more.
Some  companies that work with an "action
based" fee structure, do not disclose all fees up
front.  How do you know what it is you are
getting from them and at what point you will be
required to hand over more cash? Some of
those fees are for marketing that does wonders
for their business and very little for getting a
tenant into your property.
NO Mark up fee on repairs.

This seems like a no brainer but as an
example if it costs $25 to fix a toilet we
will deduct $25 and no more. We provide
you with the actual invoice from the
professional we utilized describing the
amount and labor for the repair for your
Some companies mark up repair bids to pad or
their own bottom line.  It happens people- we
have heard the stories from our current clients
that learned the hard way.
Flat $100 Lease Renewal Fee

If a tenant wishes to renew their
lease at the end of the term lease
the only fee due to us is a $100
lease renewal.
Some companies charge a lease renewal fee to
the tune of $250 (and in some cases as much as
the original leasing fee that they charged in the
first place to fill your property with that same
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