Property Management Services 2017 Rates

The following prices apply to clients who are seeking FULL property management services:

Set Up Fee (One Time)

Owner Reserve (Owner Funds Held In Case of Repair)
(Remains yours…just a deposit in case we need to order a repair on the property)

Tenant Placement Fee
Rent Under $700 - $300 Leasing Commission (Flat Fee)
Rent $701-$1499 - $500 Leasing Commission (Flat Fee)
Rent $1500+ - 4% of Gross Lease (Max 12  Month Payout)

Monthly Management Fees
Rent Under $1000 – 10% of Monthly Gross Rent
Rent $1000-$1499 – 9% of Monthly Gross Rent
Rent $1500+ - 8% of Monthly Gross Rent
5+ Properties = 1% Discount on Above Rates
10+ Properties = 2% Discount on Above Rates

*Discounts Available for Multiple Properties

What you Get for these fees:
All the same benefits of the Rental Only Column + the following:

Monthly Rent Collection
Monthly Drive By Inspections/Quarterly Interior Inspections
Handling of repairs as needed
Preparation and Submission of Local Rental Occupancy Taxes
Detailed Report of Rent Income & Expenditures Monthly as well as Year End
We issue you a check or direct deposit monthly for the rent less management fee and any
approved repairs!

We utilize the online property management software Appfolio in order to offer our clients the most