Tenant Move-out Procedures

As you prepare to move in to a different home, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed in order to ensure that you are released from your lease and your security deposit is refunded to the
fullest extent.  


It is required that you provide a 30-day written notice delivered to Revelation Real Estate in one of two ways:
•        Email to spectrumgroupaz@gmail.com
•        Mail a written notice to 2301 South Stearman Chandler, AZ 85286 with proof of delivery.
•        Notice MUST contain an end date to be valid.  Also provide us with your new mailing address so we can return any applicable refundable deposits.

Showings while you are still a tenant:

In order to minimize the vacancy period for the owner we will need to work with you to get this property marketed as soon as possible.

We want to minimize disruptions to you during this process as much as we can. Once the property is listed and we begin to receive interest from potential tenants we will provide a 30 minute window to
hold the house "open" for showings.  We typically will schedule one weekday evening and one weekend open house until we have an approved application, earnest deposit and signed lease in hand-
Holding "open houses" for showing helps you as the tenant not be bombarded with multiple requests to show the home.  A showing agent from our office will attend the showing to open the house- (if
we have keys in our office you will not need to be there but are welcome to be.)  We will let you know with at least 2 days notice if we schedule an open house.


We can list your number for agents to contact and schedule with directly so you can open the house for any showings or we can hang a lock box on the home and have them call you to get permission
to use the key in it and show it.  Please let me know which works best for you and if you choose one of the latter options please provide us with the phone number you would like us to list.

Move-Out Ready:

At point of the move-out inspection, the following items must be completed within the home:
•        Remove all personal items.
•        Ready all keys and openers for return to your property manager.
•        Remove all paper, debris and garbage.
•        Dust and vacuum throughout.
•        Clean all hardwood or tile floors.
•        Clean all carpets professionally. A receipt is required to avoid being charged for this.
•        Clean (and defrost if needed) all appliances including: stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators (leave open to avoid mildew), dishwashers, washers, and dryers.
•        Clean all cabinets inside and out.
•        Clean all bathrooms (including tubs/showers, sinks, mirrors, fixtures, floors, and cabinets).
•        Clean all vents and exhaust fans.
•        Replace all a/c and water (drinking system and refrigerator) filters- receipts required to avoid being charged for this.  
•        Replace all burned out light bulbs and batteries.
•        Wash all windows inside and out.
•        Clean all patios.
•        Clean all blinds and window coverings.
•        Clean all ceiling fans and light fixtures.
•        Mow and edge yards, pull weeds, trim shrubbery, and rake rock as applicable.
•        Clean and have pool/spa running with all of its fixtures and/or attachments as applicable.
•        Clean BBQ if applicable.
•        Touch up paint and patch holes as needed.

(If you wish to hire someone to get your home move out ready: The vendor we use for floors and cleaning is TSG Services: 480-818-5819
Please note this vendor is only being mentioned as a courtesy as they are very familiar with the standards that we expect for "Rent Ready" condition- please feel free to turn the home over in whatever
manner best fits your circumstances. If you choose to utilize the services of our vendors and something is not up to par, we have the ability to take it up with them.  If you do the cleaning yourself or
hire another vendor, additional cleaning charges would be withheld from your deposit if the move out inspection dictates so. )


Work with your property manager at 480-382-0115 to ensure that all rent money, taxes, NSF, and late fees have been paid as applicable prior to the last day of residency in the current home to avoid
a collections process. Please access your tenant portal as needed for assistance.

Forwarding Address:

Please also send our office your new mailing address as soon as possible so we can prepare any applicable refundable deposits and avoid delays.

Move Out Inspection:

You are not required to be present for your move out inspection.  Please be prepared to turn all keys and openers into our office by 4:45pm on the final day of your lease. If your lease ends on a
weekend or a holiday when our office is closed you will need to make arrangements to have your keys turned in by 9am the first business day following.

If you wish to be present for a move out- you can schedule an appointment to do so. You will receive an email the first part of your final month with our move out appointment slot availability. Those
slots are first come first served and when they are filled they are filled.


After your inspection is completed we then compare the results with your move in report from the start of your lease. If you have deposits that are deemed refundable a check will be cut and mailed
within 14 business days of your final day of possession. If you have not provided our office with a forwarding address by that time- it is automatically sent to the property address and follows the USPS
mail forwarding system.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation during this transition. We have appreciated the opportunity to be your landlord, and look forward to working together in the future.  If you or any one you
know is looking to buy, sell or rent a home, please provide us with the referral.

Jason Geroux
Team Lead
The Spectrum Group at Revelation Real Estate
2301 South Stearman Chandler 85286                     Direct: 480-382-0115                 Fax: 1-888-395-3558                 spectrumgroupaz@gmail.com