New Property Management Client First Steps

Thank you for choosing The Spectrum Group at Revelation Real Estate to manage your rental property! We are honored that you have selected our team to forge a business
relationship with and we look forward to serving your property management goals for many years to come.

Please complete these fillable PDFs-
New Property Information Form  and Our Keys Form with some basic information required for us to begin our paperwork process. We will
also need a completed
W-9*  and if you wish to have us use direct deposit for your owner payments we will need this ACH form completed.
(*if we are making payments to only 1 person, we only need one W-9, but if payments will be split we need a W-9 from each person receiving payment
from West USA Realty Revelation)

Simply open the links above- fill in the required information and then click the printer icon in the upper right corner of the screen  

SAVE AS a PDF and then email the forms along
with a legible copy of your photo identification (Drivers license) back to us at spectrumgroupaz@gmail.com
(Alternatively you can print and fax these items to us at 1-888-395-3558)

Once we receive the above documents we will begin to draft your PM Agreement, most of which will be completed through the electronic review and signature program called
Docusign. (The completed keys form, W-9 and ACH will be added to the electronic signature packet so we can obtain your initials and signatures as required)

If you have not yet reviewed the list of our forms,
 here, you can do so now- this way you will know what to expect during the next steps.

Some Tasks you can complete while we prepare your PM Agreement documents for electronic signature:

Contact your Insurance agent- Obtain a Certificate of Insurance naming West USA Realty Revelation as additionally insured

Contact your HOA- Inform them that you have hired a property management company and provide them our contact information- ask for copies of the most current
CCRS, Rules and Regulations and any other info that a tenant living in the community would need.

Contact Utility Providers- The water and power should be switched on the same day, or shortly after, the close of escrow or anytime the property becomes vacant. If
your property has gas service, we highly recommend switching the gas on in your name the same day as the previous owner or tenant has it turned off. If you don’t, the
service is interrupted and the pilot light can go out. Some companies will require someone to be present in the home if they have to relight the pilot light due to an
interruption in service or to insure that all faucets are off in the home. If this is needed our team can do this on your behalf for a service call fee of $35.

Pool Barrier Regulation for Rentals: If your rental has a private pool, verify that it is compliant for safety when leasing it out (rules may be different than from owner
occupied homes depending on the particular city.)

Special Instructions: Prepare a list of any “unique instructions” for your home (e.g. special use instructions of the appliances, pool, built-in BBQ, specialized
thermostats, irrigation systems etc).

Schedule a plan for Rent ready repairs (Specifically but not limited to replacing any light bulbs, batteries, filters e.g. refrigerator, RO, A/C, etc.), and salt for the
water softener as applicable.)

Schedule a plan for rent ready cleaning- (if self-cleaning or hiring a company outside of our vendor list, please refer to our cleaning guidelines).

Schedule a plan for rent ready carpet cleaning

Since we collect deposits from tenants and hold them liable for any non-rent ready conditions at their move out it is imperative that we turn over the
property to them in the same condition we expect it to be in at move out.

Prepare a key/opener package for our use- make arrangements for it to be dropped off at our office within 48 hours of signing your PM agreement.
Are you looking for Information on a home warranty for your rental investment?
Check our list here:

Home Warranty Company Info
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