Why do I need a professional to manage my property?

As a property owner who has been managing your properties yourself, you have dedicated countless hours in the upkeep of your
property. From finding qualified tenants to dealing with maintenance issues, managing your investment properties can be quite
demanding. If you are ready to reclaim some of your free time, pass the reins to us and rest assured knowing your property is in
good hands.
Whether you have a single family home or
multi family building (large or small), The
Spectrum Group has experience and
knowledge handling the placement of
tenants and/or day to day operations to
meet any of your rental property needs.
Arizona law DOES require any out of state
owners to designate a statutory agent that
resides within AZ to take responsibility for
your rental property.

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Live in Arizona but simply do not
want to hassle with marketing,
showing your property, or
screening tenants?

Let us help

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We want you to be informed as
you interview for a property
manager- so we have put all of
our paperwork online for you to
look at.

We utilize a standard State of
Arizona Property Management
Agreement (
click here to view a
blank sample one to review it’s
language and terms)

We utilize a Standard State of
Arizona Lease Agreement (
here to view a blank sample one
to review it’s language and terms

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our entire property management
Are you a home owner looking
to rent out your property and
not sure where to start?
Please visit this
Asked Questions post and feel
free to contact us for
clarifications or to let us know
if your question is not on that
Comparison of costs for clients of
The Spectrum Group at
Revelation Real Estate fee structure as
compared to what some other property
managements companies in the Phoenix
area charge their clients

For services above and beyond
"general property turn over" (for
example an out of state investor
client needs to do some major
overhaul on a property to get it
rent ready) we can offer Project
Management service in addition
to your standard PM services.
Contact us at the link above to
discuss the details of your
property or portfolio.
The Arizona Association of Realtors has and important document for Residential Rental Property
owners that provides a good check list of items to review and become familiar with
This document can be read here:
Lease Owners Advisory We strongly encourage you to read that
document prior to selecting the property manager for your investment.

Have you decided to move forward?  
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