We adhere to the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act Click here to view it at the Department of Housing Site
or download this

We utilize a standard State of Arizona Property Management Agreement (click here to view a blank
sample one)
to review it’s language and terms)
**We also include a few pages of brokerage specific addendum language

We utilize a
Standard State of Arizona Lease Agreement (click here to view a blank sample one ) to
review it’s language and term
**We also include several addendum's with brokerage specific language

**Please also refer to our lease requirement for all Tenants to obtain
Tenant Liability Insurance which
protects the dwelling and adds additional protections to your investment home.

Property Management Paperwork

A Complete New Owner Packet- In addition to the signed Property Management Agreement we also
require several other forms

We can provide all of these forms to you for electronic signature

Below are links to each individual form in the packet:

New Property Information Sheet (1 complete for each address)

Power of Attorney (for use with the Arizona Department of Revenue so we can collect and pay rental
tax on your behalf)

Residential Lease Owner’s Property Disclosure Statement - (
sample BLANK ARPODS here)

Lease Owner Advisory (
Sample here )

Keys, Openers, Codes, Parking Spaces and Mailboxes

Schedule of Services

Service Agreement

Utilities Agreement

Completed W-9 (for each owner that wants payment made to their name- so if 1 check is being cut we
only need 1 W-9)

County Registration Form (
Maricopa or Pinal) This form requires a physical mailing address
for you the owner, can not utilize a P.O. Box (1 complete for each address)

Letter of Authorization (so we can contact HOA's, home warranty or insurance companies for the
property) (1 completed for each address)

Direct Deposit Authorization (we also need a copy of a voided check along with this completed form)

Next Steps (information on transitioning the property)

Rent Ready (information on you the owner's responsibilities in regards to rent readiness)

Contractor  Disclosure (information about vendors we higher to assist in managing your rental)

Weed Control (optional)

Inspection Process:

We utilize the happy inspector application and hire a real estate professional not involved in the day to
day management of your property to
complete a move in and a move out inspection as well as any periodic inspections at lease renewal.  
The use of a third party helps the process to remain
independent and free from any bias.

Maintenance process:

We utilize the appfolio property management system to handle all back end services for your property.  
This includes maintenance,
tenant payments, owner statements etc.

We Are Invested in Your Success
Simply put, we treat your property as if it were our own. Honesty, integrity and professionalism are at
the center of our philosophy, and we consider it the utmost privilege to manage your investments. We
know that excellent service and communication make up the foundation that forms lasting and
trustworthy relationships, and we take pride in each and every one of the relationships we have formed
over the years. Our thorough background checks and exceptional service yield low tenant turnover
rates, and owners and tenants alike are impressed by our quick response time. Under our management,
you can rest assured knowing that your property is in good hands.