It is true that we experienced a real estate bubble the Phoenix area which puts us squarely in multi bid territory once again.  Many home owners who
thought they were in a position to short sale their homes and take the hit, have been selling at regular market value and
even walking away with a profit! It's true!

"What is my home worth?" is probably your next question and the answer is - Your home is worth what you are willing to sell it for to a ready willing and
able buyer.  If you subscribe to what "they" are saying about it being a buyers market then that must also mean there are buyers out there.  Based off our
experience in the past several months, there sure
are buyers out there!  We will be upfront and let you know that there are many many bank owned and
short sale listings out there vying for those buyers attention, but the traditional sale is making a strong come back.

Traditional Sale: If you are looking to sell your home as a "traditional sale" meaning you have equity and would like to break even or make a profit on the
sale, let us run a market analysis for you.  We are more then happy to provide you with some comps and let you know a range that would be realistic to list
your home for.  

Short Sale: If you are upside down in your home (ie you owe more then what it will realistically get when compared to like properties within 3 miles of your
home) and want to sell, contact us to discuss putting your property on the market as a short sale.  Lead agent Jason Geroux has experience working the
short sale process and a proven track record of success.