As of 2015 all leases, lease renewals and month to month reversions with Revelation Real Estate- will require Tenant Liability Insurance Coverage.
Tenant liability insurance covers tenant caused accidental damage to the rental home or unit. (it is not “renters insurance” or “personal liability insurance”)

We can easily offer this coverage through our Appfolio system at the low cost option of only $9.50 per month to meet this lease requirement. This fee automatically adds the tenant
onto our Commercial Policy which is provided by Great American Insurance Group as an additionally insured.

Renters who want coverage of their own possessions can always choose to purchase their own insurance and provide proof of coverage that meets the Tenant Liability requirements
stated above with Revelation Real Estate named as an additionally insured-
however we have specifica requirements that must be met to fullfil your lease obligation if you choose a
third party *See below

The benefits of utilizing the Appfolio Insurance program are:

 easily fulfills lease requirement
 no enrollment fee
 fixed cost of $9.50 each month
 ability to pay this monthly
 there is no deductible. Policy pays the property manager/landlord for damage to the landlord's property when tenant is found legally liable. Limited to damage to Landlord's
property arising from the perils of: fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump, water damage, falling objects, riot or civil commotion. $100K limit; coverage is
per occurrence with no aggregate limits.

Here is an example of what we get if tenants opt to go through our system (which most do as it is only $9.50 per month):
If tenants opt to purchase outside third party rather than utilize the Appfolio systems services- our broker requires they get the same language which is tricky.

The coverage we require is above and beyond "renters insurance" and is not exactly a "personal liability coverage" policy- it is
specifically a dwelling related policy. Other providers
that have written for our tenants simply call it a "dwelling policy" or a "Tenant legal liability policy." Per the lease agreement which will be written, we will need all three of the following
items in hand
before the start of your lease or else by default your ledger will contain the Appfolio Coverage. Once Appfolio Coverage is activated you are covered for that month and
the charge for that month can not be reversed- but
we can remove the coverage if all three of the following terms are met prior to the 1st of any given month of your lease:

1- your private third party coverage must contain the actual language below in the policy:

cover at minimum up to $100,000 in tenant caused accidental damage resulting from: Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Falling Objects, Water Damage, Backup or overflow of sewer, drain or

2- Revelation Real Estate needs to be named as an additionally insured on the policy.

3-  proof that the full length of the lease period worth of coverage has been
Revelation Real Estate makes no money from the utilization of the Appfolio Insurance Program- we simply offer it as a simply easy affordable way to meet the lease requirements. The
cost for the coverage is not marked up- what it costs is what you pay.