2017 Rates for Rental Listing (Tenant Placement only)

For clients who do not choose property management, and only wish us to locate a tenant for their property.

Tenant Placement:
equal to 6% of the gross value of the lease
(maximum 12 month lease)

What you get for this fee:

Signage, online advertising, network advertising among over 1500 Realtors & Property Managers

On Site showings

A SUPRA Lock box access for Realtors to show their clients the home and as needed a contractors lock box for vendors to access the home during turnover periods
(i.e. cleaners, repair services etc during vacancies)

Tenant screening including NATIONAL background check, NATIONAL eviction check, FULL Credit Check- More Details about our Tenant Screening Process here

We provide you with the results of these checks as well as our professional input and you make decision as to the tenant.