Acceptance of Work Order Requests from The Spectrum Group at Revelation Real Estate
is acceptance to our vendor guidelines listed below.
Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in invoice payment disputes.
Thank You
Our Valued Vendors

As a busy and growing property management company, it is important that we work to handle the needs of our clients and customers quickly and in the most efficient manner possible.
To this end we ask that you communicate with us in the following manner:

You will receive work orders via email (they come from Revelation Real Estate via our Appfolio maintenance system)

You can expect the work order to include:

·         Property address
·         Tenant contact information (if occupied)
·         Method to access the home (if not occupied)
·         Approval requirements (if necessary)
·         And work scope.

Our Expectations of You:

You contact tenant (leave voicemail if needed) by the end of the next business day.
You email Jessie with the scheduling date you have made with the tenant
We expect approved work to be completed within 5 business days. (exceptions on issues with parts availability or large projects)


·         JOBS UNDER $150 tax included MAY RECEIVE VERBAL AUTHORIZATION TO COMPLETE. - i.e. you can call us from site and let us know and we can provide approval to


If you know your cost will be more than $150 before even visiting the property- send us that info so we can prepare the owner for approval- we may still be able to provide on site
same day approval for you depending on the issue.  We just need to prepare the owners to be available to discuss the proposal- this is due to language in several of our older
property management agreements- Most of our newer agreements from 2014 and beyond have this owner involvement threshold at $300 but to avoid any errors we need to be
consistent in approvals across the board.

Without exception- if work is over $300 you must have written pro
perty manager approval.

For “estimate only” or "requests for bids" work orders:

Please reply first and inform us if you charge a site visit fee to perform a bid.

Forward the estimates in writing via email to (spectrumgroupaz@gmail.com) or via fax (888)395-3558 to the attention of Jessie Geroux. Email is the preferred method.

Jessie will acknowledge receipt via email by letting you know it has been forwarded to the owner for approval.  When we have approval we will email you with authorization to proceed

Emergency Repairs

If you are performing an emergency repair and need approval to proceed while on site
(Meaning you are required to give an estimate because repairs will be above the $150 amount), please call Jason only at (480) 382-0115 before beginning the work.  
You can also text that number
Please provide a picture if possible to illustrate the cause of the problem or extent of damage via email.


If work has been pre-approved at a “not to exceed” price this will be noted on the work order, please contact the tenant and follow the work scope identified on the request. If the price
is going to exceed the pre-approved amount, stop the work and call Jason at (480) 382-0115. If possible, email the needed changes so the owner can have it in writing from you.

When finished with the job, please send an invoice with the following information to Jessie Geroux at spectrumgroupaz@gmail.com

Your invoice MUST contain:

·         Company name and contact information
 Complete Property address (of the service)
·         Type of work performed (be detailed)
·         The work order number that the service performed originated from (or work order begin with #13 or #14
·         A uniquely created INVOICE NUMBER
·         Any “special” items that were noted during your visit (e.g. if you have proof that the broken item was a result of tenant neglect or damage)
* Please provide a picture if possible to illustrate the cause of the problem or extent of damage
·         Cost of the repair (if possible break out labor vs. parts)
·         Date of repair

Please retain all receipts for parts purchased in case they are needed for the file.

Invoices are submitted to our accountant and bills are created within 1 business day of receipt of the approved invoice.  While payments are processed as quickly as possible- all
vendors must be willing to accept Net 30 Payment Terms. In order to be paid we must have a copy of your company or individual
W-9 and either proof of Worker’s Compensation
Insurance Coverage OR a signed
Worker’s compensation waiver form.  No payments will be issued until we have a complete vendor file in place.
Our team will check their emails/voice mails throughout each business day. Non-emergency items will be addressed by the end of the next business day. Business hours are Monday –
Friday 8:30-4:30pm with the exception of major holidays.  Thank you for your attention to these instructions!!!

**Please be sure that all techs are knowledgeable about our work order approval process and understand the requirements.

We value you as a trusted vendor and appreciate your attention to these details