The answer is yes!

When we are with clients in person we provide them our undivided attention and will allow our phones to go to voice mail.  As a busy property management team we
spend a lot of our business hours during the week and most of our weekends in
direct service to clients performing showing tours, open houses and inspections-
Sometimes this means we do not answer our phones- However, we strive to provide answers as thoroughly as we can ahead of time- We take pride in our robust
informative website where we have placed all of our information online for easy review.

Non-emergency voice-mails and e-mails from the weekends are returned on Mondays in the order they are received or within 48 hours of receipt during the week.
Some people prefer to be able to reach their agent or PM on the phone at all hours- We understand that utilizing voice-mail or scheduling office time for email
correspondence rather then replying immediately will lose us some of those clients- however after 8 years in property management we have found the best
practices that work for our team and allow us the most availability to tend to all of our responsibilities.

In the mean time we would like to help anyone with questions while we are away from our phones and e-mails by providing the following info:

Get info on our rental qualifications here: http://www.spectrumgroupaz.com/RentalApplication.html
You can also click on the link after each available property to obtain information on deposits, date available and open house showings.


Looking at one of our listings and it is already off the market or under contract?  Feel free to use our FREE online MLS Search which often times is much more
accurate and up to date then other online home search sites like Zillow, Homes and Trulia- Check it Out No strings attached:

Renter Search:

Buyer Search: http://www.spectrumgroupaz.com/Buyers.html

*Property Management Maintenance Requests and *Emergencies:**

Current Spectrum Group Tenants:

Please enter a work order through your tenant portal as is always required: http://www.spectrumgroupaz.com/Tenants.html  
It WILL be reviewed by our maintenance department and the emergency nature of it assessed as promptly as possible.

- If a repair is *not an emergency* (i.e. flood, fire, safety or HVAC related meaning a/c or heat is
completely out and the weather has temperatures of more than 90
degrees or less than 50 degrees, ), then it will be addressed upon our return to the office in the order it was received.  **Please note- most HVAC vendors are unable
to schedule same day appointments often times and after diagnosis of of the issue additional time may be needed for parts to come in- our team will do the best we
can get your ac serviced as quickly as vendor and parts availability allows.

- Inclement Weather damage- When monsoons or other storms hit- clean up crews get back logged with work across the valley and can not always make it same day
so you need to mitigate any additional damage from occurring in the meantime - For example- if there is a leak of any kind use buckets and keep the water cleaned
up with mops and towels until crews can arrive. Please submit all landscape damage requests with PHOTOS on your portals so our crews can assess which types of
trailers and equipment will be needed to address any fallen trees etc.

- For general property management/rental questions, please either send us an email at
spectrumgroupaz@gmail.com or call our office direct team line at
(480) 382-0115 and leave me a message. All messages will be returned in the order they are received as soon as possible upon our return beginning
the first day we return to the office.

Thank you,
Jason Geroux- Team Leader
Jessie Geroux- Executive Assistant
Cori Colebeck- West Side and Rentals Specialist
The Spectrum Group @ Revelation Real Estate
(480) 382-0115
2301 South Stearman Chandler 85286                     Direct: 480-382-0115                 Fax: 1-888-395-3558                 spectrumgroupaz@gmail.com