Rent Payments, fines and fees

Good Afternoon Spectrum Group Tenants!

Today we would like to share with you important information regarding paying your rent, taxes and any other fees or fines as well as give you insight into how our late process works in office.

Rent is always due as per your lease agreement (all leases started with Spectrum Group have rent due no later than 5pm on the 1st- if you transferred over with a lease already in place your due dates and late fee processes stand until lease renewal time and then will be switched accordingly for continuity sake unless there are special pre approve circumstances in place)

Late fees become applicable immediately upon rent being late and your Online Payment option through your tenant portal is revoked for that month until payment is received in full via use of your Payslip Bar code.

If you have been proactive (meaning you reached out to our team prior to your rent being late) to discuss issues with making your payment we may have the ability to turn your portal back on as a courtesy but all late fees and service of notice fines remain non-reversible. Communication is key here.  Same would apply for issues with any technical difficulties making online payment impossible on your rent due date- if you reach out to us at the time so we can troubleshoot, we are much more lenient. Our team has been very liberal with portal re-activation but will no longer continue to do so without proactive communication from tenants.

During the 1st week of the month a staff member on our team will sit down to review delinquent accounts and initiate 5 Day Notices. They will charge the Service of Notice fine at the time of printing your notice.  Once that process has been initiated the $25 Service of Notice fine is non reversible- even if payment is received before you get the mailings.  By law we must mail the letters both regular and certified mail so this is why you received the same notice mulitple times (and also as a courtesy via email)

If rent has not been received by the 15th of the month- eviction filing may be initiated.  Once that filing has occurred- all attorney fees associated with the court process will be yours to cover even if an agreement to stop the eviction before the court date is reached.

**New beginning January 1st 2017 If at any time your ledger is carrying a balance owed of more than $10 for outstanding tenant responsible repairs,  HOA fines, late fees, notice charges etc.- your online payment will be revoked until payment is made in full with your bar code. This change is being made in an effort to enforce the terms of the lease and ensure timely payments in full to our owners. As a reminder- we never accept partial payment so if at anytime you process payment for less than rent AND tax owed it will be rejected.

If at any point your rent is rejected or returned as Non Sufficient Funds (bounced payment, incorrect account info entered etc) you are immediately notified, your portal is revoked (payment must be made with your payslip bar code) , fines are charged, late fees are pro-rated back to the first and a certified notice prepared.  This may seem extreme but this process is governed by the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act and is in place to protect the homeowner. 

*If your rent has changed or you have additional charges, and you are set up for auto payment for a specified amount, there will be a problem with your payment.  You can update your auto payments to pay balance in full to avoid potential payment rejections, late fees, etc. 

Did you know!

*Your portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to review your tenant ledger and make applicable payments.

*Your payments show up immediately as they are paid, but can take 7-10 business days for the bank to process.

*You can access videos for how to use you portal with AppFolio?  These are step by step instructions for submitting maintenance requests, attaching pictures, setting up auto payments and more.

*You can use your mobile device to access your tenant portal. 

*Your portal cannot be accessed by us.  We cannot request or ask for money from your bank.  This simply means, you are literally pushing money from your bank to us.  This is a one-way system initiated by you only.  The system does not know if you enter your account or routing number correctly or incorrectly.  It is directed to process only what you request.  We cannot access, effect or change anything on your behalf.

*If your Online payment option has been revoked- you will need to use your Payslip Barcode (available on your tenant portal for download) to make your payment in person with cash at any local 7-11 or Ace Cash Express. If you can not locate your Bar Code it is your responsibility to request it to be sent to you.

We know this was a lot of information but hopefully this will help alleviate the most common questions we get each month.


The Spectrum Group @ Revelation Real Estate

Jason Geroux Team Lead
Jessie Geroux Executive Assistant

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