Maintenance Requests and Expectations

Today’s Topic is Maintenance Requests and Expectations:

Requesting Maintenance

Tenant Portals can be accessed here : OR CLICK THE APPFOLIO IMAGE BELOW

We MUST receive an online submission via your portal directly from a tenant named on the lease in order to initiate any calls for service.  These requests go directly to our maintenance department for review, vendor assignment and dispatch.  Any voice mails left or emails sent directly to the property manager or the spectrum group email address become delayed due to office hours, time off, lack of access to email or voicemail due to working in the field or anything else that may limit access to voice mail or email. 

Use of the portal submission satisfies the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act requirement of written notice and is also a tracking measure that both protects you and allows us a visual of which vendors we need to follow up with to ensure work is completed. There is also the ability to upload photos of issues directly to the team so they can expedite dispatch of vendors.

If you would like assistance in utilizing our online system, please let your property manager know, and we would be happy to provide a tutorial.

Minor Care Expectations of Tenants:

Per your lease agreement you are to maintain your home to the best of your ability and perform minor care such as tightening screws, resetting a GFI if you lose power, turning water off at valves if leaks occur, and resetting the garbage disposal with the reset button and turn of a hex wrench if jams occur. These are all typical examples of minor care items expected for tenants to handle.  It is VERY important that you take the time to find all shut off valves (for example under sinks, toilets and outside of the home for the main ) and become familiar with how they operate so you can act should an emergency situation arise and prevent flooding or water damage until maintenance can arrive for repairs. Please also become familiar with your breaker box and location of all GFI outlets (if applicable) as you will always be required to reset breakers and GFI’s for any electrical issues prior to us assigning a vendor to assess. Lastly it is critical that you take especially good care of your HVAC system by changing the filters every single month as well.  Please be aware that our team and the owner will manage repairs and maintenance of the home, but if it is determined by professionals that any issue is caused by tenant neglect or is a minor care item, any service call fees will be passed on to your tenant ledger. 

What Happens after you Submit Your Request:

Members of your maintenance team review the issue and any photos.  If you have not indicated that minor self care has already been attempted our team will prompt that. If additional info is needing to determine the proper vendor assignment that will be requested. It is best to be very thorough in your maintaince request when you submit it as the more descriptive you are from the start, the less delays in dispatching we will face.

A vendor will be assigned (or in some cases a warranty claim filed)- some home owners have warranty plans in place which adds an additional step to the process- Once we have vendor information we provide that to the tenant along with their contact info.  If you do not have a call from the vendor within 2 business days to schedule please call them directly and let our team know once you have an appointment scheduled or if you are having difficulty- we can only address issues with vendors that we are made aware of.

Please also note that it is very rare for same day repair services to take place- even for emergencies– sometimes we are at the mercy of vendor or part availability, especially after hours or on holidays. We do always perform within the law with regards to maintenance issues- and also highly value consistent communication from our tenants if issues are taking longer than seems reasonable.

Once you have an appointment scheduled- the issue may be repaired at that time or they may need to obtain approval or parts and schedule a revisit.

Work is completed and the vendor sends their invoice- If there are any notes that portions of repairs were preventable by tenant minor care or repairs were caused by neglect or damage, your ledger will be billed for the service accordingly and you will be informed via email. This is rare as most of our tenants are very consistent with their tenant minor care responsibilities.

If we do not hear anything from you or the vendor we simply wait for an invoice and close the work out on our end once we have that – Many vendors are great with their service and trades but not in their back office with billing and it can take up to 2 months for us to close a request out once the work itself is actually completed- If we do not have an invoice for an issue open more than 60 days we will then follow up- so unless we hear from you that there are concerns, delays, scheduling issues etc we will not know until then- so please communicate frequently if needed so we can best assist. 

We hope this sheds some light on how our maintenance process in house works and clears up any misunderstandings as it pertains to minor care expectations, tenant charges for repairs on your ledgers and time frames.

If you have an questions or concerns please do not hesitate to let our team know

Jason Geroux

Spectrum Group Team Lead
Revelation Real Estate