Summer Maintenance Reminders

Summer is here!! Tips and reminders for maintaining the home you are renting and staying in compliance with your lease obligations and responsibilities.
Please keep in mind for maintaining the home:

*Please make sure you change your AC filters monthly.  Often times, systems freeze up because the filters are not clean.  Arizona has nasty dust storms that necessitate regular changing of the filters and always being sure filters are installed.  If damage or repairs are caused by not maintaining the filters properly, you could be liable for the expenses.

*Use your portal to report regular maintenance issues.  Be descriptive of make/model of appliance issues, which bathroom has a leaking faucet, etc.  Phone calls and emails are not how regular maintenance is to be reported.  Your request will be delayed if not done on the portal or you do not give enough information for us to assign a proper vendor.

*While appliances not working and irrigation lines leaking are inconvenient, they are not emergencies.  They are usually not quick fixes and can take up to a week or two especially if a new appliance has to be ordered.  Additionally, if the home you are renting has two or more AC units and at least one is working, the priority will always go to a home with no working AC at all and that will not fall under an emergency for the technicians.  This is not something we can control.

*Remember, if there is a water leak, turn off the water at the valve to the affected area.  For example, if water is leaking from the washing machine valve, turn off the washing machine valve.  If the washing machine valve will not turn off, please remember to turn off at the valve going to the house or the main, if necessary.  If you cannot get the water turned off at all, or without turning off to the whole house, Let our team know immediately.

*If you have pool or landscaping services as part of your lease, please refer to your lease to be sure you understand your responsibility of reporting maintenance timely to avoid possible liability on your part.

*Make sure the irrigation timers are set for summer and watch for leaks.  If needed, turn off the irrigation and enter a work request online.

*HOA notices are not something we can control, but you are responsible for knowing and complying with your community and paying any fines resulting from not complying.  Please be sure you have the CCRs from the community you are living in.  This information is in your lease on lines 117-118.  Some violations we see are:  Parking overnight on the streetLeaving cans out on non-collection days – Recent oil stains in drivewayCoach lights not on from dawn to dusk – Weeds in landscape or unkempt landscape

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