Understanding Your Lease

If you are looking at renting a home- chances are you will be signing a lease.  If you apply for and are approved as a tenant in a Spectrum Group at Revelation Real Estate tenant you will be required to sign a standard State of Arizona Residential Lease Agreement and several addendum. Once a lease is signed it is a legal and binding contract between you the tenant and the landlord (the owner of the home who we represent as property managers.)

It can be overwhelming to pour over pages and pages of legal language- and you may be tempted to just jump right in and sign it (especially since we do our document prep all online with electronic signature- it is as easy as clicking a button on your smart phone. It is  very important that you understand that a lease is a legally enforceable agreement, there are many issues in a lease that can lead to trouble if you fail to abide by the terms. Before you sign, take the time to read the entire document.

A lease is a contract covering the conditions under which the tenant may possess, occupy and use the property. Once you sign, the terms are legally binding. If you don’t understand a clause, ask for clarification.

Here is a sample standard lease agreement:


Our Team does add 3 additional Addendum to the standard agreement that you can review once we have approved your rental application and begin the lease paperwork process.

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